Glowy Spring Brunch


Check out my most recent styled table: a fresh affair full of stripes, spring buds and soft color. Click through to read more about how it came together and some behind the lens snaps.


The table was inspired by a combination of spring bud pink and golden pollen yellow. I wanted a vibe to channel the soft light of early spring, with accents of jewel-hued honey yellow.


I pulled in copper and gold hardware in the form of place DIY placecard holders and simple o-ring napkin holders (they were less than $1 a piece!)


Copper pipe fittings are the perfect place card holders! The secret is a simple slot etched into the bottom of the paper card so it fits snugly on the copper piece. The result? A super-fast place card holder without the burden of shaping metal.


A simple budded branch complements the place setting. I love the strong line of a single budded branch and the juxtaposition of the bark brown against the pastel palette.


Our table needed a small bump from a soft box (can’t help the rain on a springy shoot that’s supposed to feel sunny!)


Before shooting, I line up all of the pieces on the table surface to get a feel for how they’ll come together.


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