Fall Leaves on the Table


Need a simple and fresh detail for your fall dinner party? Autumn foliage looks lovely pressed under a glass salad plate or bundled with flatware.


When using leaves on the table, I prefer an effortless style. My favorite looks are…
1 | Leaves pressed under glass
This can take the shape of a clear salad plate pressed over a single leaf—artfully arranged to show off its color. I also love to wrap leaves around a water tumbler or place them under the base of a wine glass.
2 | Leaves bound with flatware
A leaf looks lovely rolled around a cutlery bundle or tucked into bakers twine.


Use fresh leaves or preserved ones for longevity. Fresh leaves are the easiest (Just walk outdoors, pluck a few and drop them on your tabletop!) If you opt for preserved leaves, they can last for several years. Buy them here or try your hand a preserving your own with a how-to from Martha Stewart.


Materials: Salad plate Ikea | Dinner plate West Elm | Preserved leaves Save on Crafts

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