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Seaside S’mores

Every year, we get to spend some family time at the beach, and this time we all gathered for a beach campfire! We dodged rain drops and thunder clouds, but stacks of sweets and campfire chatter made it worth braving the weather. One of the best take-aways? I discovered my favorite way to stack a s’more. Check it out here… (more…)

Marbled Fondant Cupcakes

Marbled fondant cupcakes by kelli hall

I recently rolled out some colorful fondant cupcakes for my little one’s first birthday bash. Swirled fondant sounds involved, but it’s actually easier than piping on traditional frosting (It also helps that I take a little short cut using store-bought cupcakes)! Check it out for the ‘how to’… (more…)

Grand Marnier Cranberry Sauce


I’m not much for slaving away to make the perfect Thanksgiving meal (We’ve actually pre-ordered a cooked turkey and supermarket sides this year :), But some things are just better homemade. Case in point: cranberry sauce. I make it every fall using a recipe I tweaked a few years ago. It’s fresh, bright and spiked with Grand Marnier…what could be better? (more…)

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