Apple Birthday Favors


We’re having an apple-themed fall picnic to celebrate my son’s 4th birthday. Most of the details are super-simple (limited by what we can carry out to a farm), but I created some small touches to celebrate his love of apples. Check out this DIY for an inexpensive apple party favor: complete with a printable sticker to make your own.


I filled inexpensive plastic apples with small red candies. The candies were tied with a ribbon in a clear bag and packed with red paper shred to fill out the rest of the apple.


I created the fruit label and printed it on Zazzle’s 1.5 inch classic round sticker. If you’d like to make your own, print it through Zazzle here or download this pdf to hand-trim.


Each apple favor costs under $1 to make.


It would have taken a lot of red candies to fill the plastic apples, so I used red paper shred for a budget-friendly alternative.


Materials: Plastic Apples Oriental Trading Co. | Stickers Zazzle | Paper Shred Amazon | Candies Amazon

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