5 Minute Birthday Party

5 minute birthday party

When it comes to kid birthdays, There are years to go big (Check out the festivities around Luke’s First and Second birthdays) and then there are years when only a dose of simplicity will do. While I’m all for lots of lovely details, sometimes its better to grab a $20, run to the store and create a birthday spread with only the basics. Want to keep your own super simple? Check out my tips for a quick party pare-down.


Simple and quick doesn’t have to look pre-packaged…It’s all about editing your options. I like to comb the supermarket shelves to find those grocery gems that make the table feel special.


Izze sodas add some graphic pop to the table.


Luke had to taste test some of the icing!


Here’s a list of the best items you can quickly grab from the grocery…

• Cake | Ask your supermarket bakery to create a clean cake without piping or decorations. Simple is best here. Pop in some slender candles and Voila! Unfussy cake perfection.
• Candies | Grab a handful of gumdrops or unwrapped candies and scatter them around the cake. I prefer throwback candies like gumdrops or circus peanuts.
• Graphic Sodas | On a minimal table, a soda with bold graphics like Izze or Jones brand will give a big pop of color for a small investment. Stick with one flavor, or line them up in rainbows of color.
• Balloons | Scatter and stack them on tables, chairs, and floors for a festive touch.
• Linen | Loosely toss out a rumpled table cloth as a base for your cake (don’t worry about wrinkles, it adds texture).


Less prep means more time playing with grandma.

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