No Carve Pumpkins

simple no carve pumpkins, feathered and foiled

I love beautiful pumpkins around the house for Halloween, but I’m way too lazy to break out a carving knife, pattern or drill…So I’ve come up with some simple ideas for chic and stylish pumpkins: Feathered and foiled.

simple no carve pumpkins, copper foiled stem

Foiling a pumpkin stem makes delicate statement. These little guys have copper tops that glint in the candlelight using metallic foil to enhance beautiful natural curve of the pumpkin stem. The key to these? Focus on foiling the smaller pumpkins with a solid, less porous stem.

simple no carve pumpkins, feathered and foiled

To add copper to your pumpkin simply paint with metal leaf adhesive, wait 30 minutes, and apply copper foil with a gloved hand. Wrap the entire stem and dust off the excess with a soft paintbrush. Also try only covering a few areas for a more textured look.


Look for beautifully curved stems when picking your pumpkin for foiling.


We went to a pumpkin farm in North Georgia to find ours.

simple no carve pumpkins, feathered and foiled

My feathered pumpkins could not be any easier: For one version I glued a single black feather to the front of medium sized pumpkin. I love how it splays out and seems to read as a creeping spider, making its way across the face of the gourd.  For another version, I carefully balanced a faux raven atop a Cinderella pumpkin and pinned it in place. Super simple!

simple no carve pumpkins, feathered and foiled

Materials: Copper foil Amazon | Copper adhesive Amazon | Faux raven Oriental Trading Company

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