Eclectic Autumn Dinner

morgan_tableMorgan Blake is one of the most talented, stylish people I know—and it just so happens I get to work with her to photograph tables and styled events. Part of the magic of working with someone like Morgan, is she brings her own unique eye to a subject and it becomes a collaboration beyond a simple photo shoot. So, when she showed me her birthday dinner she styled, I was desperate to share the details! Her 26th went down as a flickering, backyard soiree–With the perfect mix of eclectic detail, vintage references and casual, effortless style. Check out some of Morgan’s great ideas and her easy, accessible touches

morgan_3What makes this so lovely the table is alive with texture and pattern. Candles slightly askew, fresh pears, easy greens in the shape of a eucalyptus garland: it’s all designed with maximum style and minimum effort. Even the place cards have an easy touch, with fluid handwriting on a creamy envelope: propped next to a glassine-bagged treat. Morgan also incorporated vintage photographs at each place setting, adding both a playful sense of history and a personal element in line with her photography passion.


Her simple cake was embellished wtih understated details including a fresh rosemary wreath and delicate number sparklers. What a beautiful way to celebrate 26!

All images by Morgan Blake Photography

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