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Paper Cup + Copper Luminaries


I had so much fun playing with gold foil for my cocktail glass post, I decided to revisit metallics using copper leaf. Check out this simple diy to create mini luminaries—Elevating a common paper cup to an object of glittering beauty. Plus, they’re crazy cheap, so you can fill a big space with glittering candlelight…without breaking the bank! (more…)

Gold Leaf Cocktail Glasses


This past summer I was in full on gold foil mode, dreaming up all sorts of gilded projects to get into the spirit of the holidays. One of the very best things to come from this metallic crafting flurry were these gold leafed cocktail glasses. They’re super simple and the leafing process makes the best of any loose brushwork or imperfections. Want to make your own? Read on for the easy details! (more…)

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