Candy ribbon placecard holder


Looking for an easy way to hold place cards on your holiday table? Why not try store bought ribbon candy? The candy folds create the perfect slot to grip paper and the natural stickiness helps hold a card in place. An added bonus? Guests can munch on a peppermint-y treat after dinner is done! Check out the post for a quick DIY


Candy Ribbon Place Card Holders
you’ll need the following supplies
• Ribbon candy (I prefer the Hammond’s brand for its thickness)
• Place cards (You can by these pre-cut and simply pen the guest’s name)

Using a whole piece of ribbon candy, Firmly grip it with your hands, and press your thumbs into the area you’d like to snap the piece. That’s it! Super simple. Just drop them at each place setting (with the finished end facing outward) and insert a place card between the ribbon folds.


• You can buy Hammond’s peppermint strips online directly or in stores at Target.
• I recommend Hammond’s because they’re sturdier than most ribbon candy and less prone to shattering when you snap the piece in two. If you opt for more more delicate ribbon candy, use a a whole piece as a place card holder.
• You may have some small shattered pieces after you break the candy. I just sweep them off with a dry pastry brush.

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