Apple Bobbing Punch

apple bobbing punch for halloween cocktails

In the spirit of fall I’m serving up an apple bobbing-inspired punch—But this brew is not for little goblins, It’s all grown up with apple vodka, pinot grigio and and lady apples small enough for ladling into a glass. Check out the simple recipe to stir up your own

apple bobbing punch (with lady apples!) for halloween cocktails

Tiny lady apples make this punch special. They’re smaller than most apples (about the size of a crab-apple but much sweeter). I find them every year at Whole Foods. They’re perfect for making mini candy apples too! Check out this past post for other ways to use them.


Apple Bobbing Punch
you’ll need the following…
• Several lady apples (enough to make a floating garnish)
• 1 bottle of dry white wine
• 8 oz apple vodka (or about 5 mini bottles)
• 1/2 cup triple sec
• 1 cup apple juice
• 3 large apples (cut and thinly sliced)
• 1 cup Sprite
• Strainer

A day prior to serving, Combine wine, apple vodka, apple juice and sliced apples. Place mixture in the fridge overnight. Once you’re ready to serve, remove large apple slices and pour the mixture through a strainer to remove any apple pulp. Transfer to a serving bowl and float your lady apples atop the brew. Before enjoying add sprite. Want a more spirited Halloween touch? Add chunks of dry ice for some boil with your bobbing!

apple bobbing punch (with lady apples!) for halloween cocktails

Large apple slices infuse flavor by soaking in wine overnight.



Little lady apples float perfectly in a double old fashioned glass (Use a punch ladle for serving to ensure the fruit bobs in each guest’s glass).


apple bobbing punch (with lady apples!) for halloween cocktails

Materials: Lady apples Whole Foods | Glass Crate and Barrel | Trifle dish Amazon | Apple Vodka Smirnoff

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  1. Eden Passante
    October 22, 2015 at 3:00 am (6 years ago)

    Such a cute idea! Love this!


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