October 2015 archive

No Carve Pumpkins

simple no carve pumpkins, feathered and foiled

I love beautiful pumpkins around the house for Halloween, but I’m way too lazy to break out a carving knife, pattern or drill…So I’ve come up with some simple ideas for chic and stylish pumpkins: Feathered and foiled. (more…)

Spooky Spirits: Fire + Brimstone Margarita

hellfire and brimstone blackberry jalapeno margarita for halloween

Halloween is my favorite time of year and the best season concoct new cocktails. I’ll find any reason to sip on tequila, and this flame-hued margarita is the perfect excuse–Hints of blackberry and lime with a fiery twist: a hefty helping of jalapeño pepper. And the best part? A smoky, salty finish from the black lava salted rim! (more…)

Apple Bobbing Punch

apple bobbing punch for halloween cocktails

In the spirit of fall I’m serving up an apple bobbing-inspired punch—But this brew is not for little goblins, It’s all grown up with apple vodka, pinot grigio and and lady apples small enough for ladling into a glass. Check out the simple recipe to stir up your own (more…)

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